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IMTTS Retreat 2018


December 2018 Goslar became host city of this year´s IMTTS retreat. A one day scientific symposium highlighted recent advances on cardiovascular noncoding RNA signaling and PhD students presented their work in a poster session. Next to scientific program, Goslar Weihnachtsmarkt was part of the after work schedule.

IMTTS work excursion


September 2017  The IMTTS team spent a wonderful day at Steinhuder Meer including boat tour towards the island of Wilhelmstein, mini-golfing and a great barbecue. Everybody enjoyed this fantastic program at a beautiful place nearby Hannover.

IMTTS work excursion


August 2016  The IMTTS team spent the this year’s works outing with sportive activities. The first stage of the trip was carried out with canoes experiencing Hanover from the perspective of Ihme and Leine, followed by a small hiking tour along the Mittelland Canal to the Erlebnis-Biergarten in Anderten. 

IMTTS work excursion


July 2015 This year’s work excursion took place in Otze where we played “Swin Golf”. After this funny sport event we went back to Hanover to have a delicious BBQ. We had lots of fun and everybody enjoyed it.

II. IMTTS Retreat


September 2014 Our institute was organizing the II. IMTTS retreat in the monastery Wennigsen (Deister). A two-day program introduced all scientific topics in the field of noncoding RNA and led to fruitful discussions. Additionally, a visit to Bredenbeck as well as a walk in the green Deister region completed this successfull event.

IMTTS work excursion


July 2014 The Autostadt Wolfsburg was the destination for a special trip of IMTTS on July 10th. With lots of sunshine and happy people everybody enjoyed this year´s work excursion.

IMTTS work excursion

July 2013 On 10 July the IMTTS had its annual work excursion. First the employees saw their city from another point of view: by water -means on Leine and Ihme (around Fährmannsinsel). It was a lot of fun and nobody fell into the water. Later they enjoyed a barbecue together.

Karting victory at GRRC workshop on non-coding RNAs

December 2012 IMTTS researchers Dr. Regalla and Dr. Fiedler raced in a competitive international karting event at Muntelier-Löwenberg near Bern. After exciting 20 laps of karting Dr. Fiedler took the victory for this grand prix. All racers agreed to repeat karting again, hopefully also sometimes here in Hannover.