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"Aktionswoche gegen Fremdfeindlichkeit und Rassismus"

a Work between IsiEmhh, dem Asta der MHH, der Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung, der ver.di Gruppe des Betriebrates, Medinetz und der islamischen Gemeinde der MHH.

For an interested discussion evening on Thursday, within the "Aktionswoche gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Rassismus" at the MHH we would love to thanks our guests Florian Grawan, Hatice Durmaz, Prof. Dr. Bärbel Miemietz, Kai Jannsen and Felix Benneckenstein, also our moderators Göhkan Özdemir and Prof. Dr. Gutenbrunner!

Sporty together with our cultures

IsiEMHH organised a Volleyball turnament!

For the second time multicultural! Volleyball Turnament on the Volleyball fields in the MHH fought for the first place around 19 teams in a prefect sunny weather. With idea to promote the integration between students and international students with a foreign background at the MHH. The goal at the turnament was not just to win the first places, but also to feel the friendly sport spirit with each other.


  Medicine exists in every culture

MHH establishes first-year program called IsiEmed for first semester students studying medicine with international background.


When Rimsha signalizes her agreement or supports an idea, she does not nod, she shakes her head. In Nepal that is normal. With that she irritates her fellows. During the exams she has to whisper the questions, to be able to understand the content of the question. It is not about the medical terms or single German words, that she does not understand, but about the convoluted, complicated sentence structure, the double negative and typical German sayings that make Multiple-Choice exams difficult.

„The lectures and exams, especially in the subject "Propädeutikum" ask for high level German“, the medical student says.



  The culture determines the action

Intercultural training for staff members of the MHH is a great success<//strong><//span>.

International relationships and contacts, worldwide scientific cooperations and networks characterize the Medical School Hanover (MHH).
Staff from more than 40 different nations work and study on the campus of MHH. Whether in the hospital itself, in research or in the students department - contact between people from different cultures enrich your work and your working surrounding, but can also lead to misunderstanding in the daily gathering.

That is why the MHH had a free training for intercultural communication in December.





  DAAD-Award 2010: MHH student pleads for a better integration of international first semester students 

MHH lends DAAD-Award 2010 for outstanding engagement of international students / DAAD supports IsiEmed program with 66.300 Euro.  
For his excellent social engagment for international students in medicine Waseem Masalha from Palestine receives the with 1.00 Euro dotated DAAD-Award 2010.
During the graduation cermony on 6th November 2010 MHH-president Dr. Dieter Bitter-Suermann awarded the medical Student for his valuable´work as a Tutor in the IsiEmed program.