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Original papers 2004

Institute of Neuroanatomy

Gringel S., van Bergeijk J., Haastert K., Grothe C., Claus P.
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C.Grothe, M.Timmer, T.Scholz, C.Winkler, G.Nikkhah, P.Claus, N.Itoh, E.Arenas
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Neurobiol. Dis. 2004,17(2):163-170.

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Fibroblast growth factor-2 (23) is binding directly to the survival of motoneuron protein and is associated with small nuclear RNAs.
Biochem J. 2004 Dec 15; 384(Pt3):559-65 

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Enhanced survival, reinnervation, and functional recovery of intrastriatal dopamine grafts co-transplanted with Schwann cells overexpressing high molecular weight FGF-2 isoforms.
Exp Neurol. 2004 May;187(1):118-36.
CA: Corresponding Author; *contributed equally

Nindl, W., Kavakebi, P., Claus, P., Grothe, C., Pfaller, K., Klimaschewski, L.
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