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On October 24th/25th, 2010, HBRS celebrated 10 years of structured doctoral training at Hannover Medical School.

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13th Alumni Newsletter (2018)

12th Alumni Newsletter (2017)

11th Alumni Newsletter (2016)

10th Alumni Newsletter (2015)

9th Alumni Newsletter (2014)

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2nd Alumni newsletter (2007)

1st Alumni newsletter (2006)


HBRS started building up a huge Alumni network. Finalists of every program will be included in the distribution list. We also have a yahoo group. Please write to

And a group on linkdn: (please get invited by one of the members)


The first HBRS Alumni meeting took place on October 16th, 2006 and after that an Alumni meeting took place every year in October. All Alumni are invited to join the annual opening ceremony in October and organize their own reunions on that occasion. The next opening ceremony and Alumni reunions was taking place in October 2013. come!!


The first Alumni survey was performed in 2006. The response rate was 44%. Read more in our Alumni Newsletters. 

In the past years, we performed regular Alumni surveys, built up a career network, established a "mentoring and/or meet and greet program" (we e.g. regularly invite Alumni students to our Career Day), organized regional or class reunions, and implemented fundraising campaigns. For details, please contact the HBRS office (



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Gesellschaft der Freunde der MHH e.V.Commerzbank Hannover, SWIFT: COBADEFF250IBAN DE3925040066031200300, To: 11000227, HBRS







MHH, Sparkasse Hannover, SWIFT:
IBAN DE15250501800000370371, To: 19721031


You will receive a donation receipt, and if you kindly agree, your donation will be publicly announced. Please tell us, if you wish to support a specific activity, e.g. stipend.