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iPS Based Cell Therapies- From Bench to Bedside

Veranstaltungsart: Kongresse, Symposien, Tagungen
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09:00 Uhr-18:30 Uhr

Altes Rathaus Hannover
 Karmarschstraße 42
30159 Hannover
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VERANSTALTER:  Dr. Robert Zweigerdt, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Martin und Verbundpartner

DATUM:  03.12.2019

VERANSTALTUNGSORT:  Hannover Altes Rathaus





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Pre–Xmas Symposium

iPS Based Cell Therapies — from bench to bedside December 3rd- 4th, 2019; Altes Rathaus, Hannover, Germany


Dear colleagues,


we invite you to join us at this 2-day symposium with high ranking international speakers:


P. Alves, P. Andrews, N. Benvenisty, P. Burridge, N. Hoppe, M. Izrael, A. Karlsen, P. Menasche, C.L. Mummery, H. Niemann, B. Reichart, Y. Reisner, Y. Sato, H. Semb, J. Sluijter, D. Strunk, and W. Zimmermann


Complemented by lead investigators from Hannover Medical School and company talks by Corlife, Eppendorf, Kadimastem, Miltenyi, Novo Nordisk, and Ovizio these speakers will set the frame in the symposium’s key topics:



•             Applied human pluripotent stem cells research and bioprocessing

•             Pre-clinical large animal models and clinical translation

•             Safety aspects, ethics, and  the regulatory environment

•             Commercial opportunities

•             Progress in alternative and competing technologies


The meeting offers extensive opportunities to present own data and networking in poster sessions.


•             Abstract submission deadline: September 15th

•             Participation fee is limited to €50,- including all networking and social events thanks to the unsparing  financial support from public and commercial sources !

•             Modern venue set in picturesque city centre with historic x-mas market

•             Limited capacity: first come- first served!

•             Info and registration:

We look forward to welcoming you!

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