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The idea


The idea of the CoreLabCard was to provide an independent service provider for the analysis of cross-sectional imaging of the heart. As an independent part of the Institute of Radiology this unit can be utilized for the central evaluation of MRI data generated in national or international mono- or multicenter trials.

Our services cover the whole spectrum from simple data analysis up to the training and quality assurance of the local teams in the individual study centers.

If required we also provide a detailed diagnostic report of the examination. This may be an attractive option for beginners in cardiac imaging that would like to have a professional backup during their initial learning phase or as a regular service for this specialized imaging technique outside your regular working hours.

The operating procedures of the CoreLabCard have been standardized and take into account the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice  (GCP) as proposed by the FDA.


The team of the CoreLabCard has longtime experience in performing and analyzing cardiac MRI and cardiac CT. We cover the whole spectrum of non-invasive MRI and CT imaging including imaging of coronary artery disease, vitality and viability imaging, tumor/thrombus, cardiomyopathies, myocarditis and congential heart disease. At our institutions we perform approximately 1500 cardiovascular exams a year in the MRI and about 150 cardiac CTs a year that are supervised by the chairs of the CoreLabCard.

Our services


We offer a broad variety of qualitative and quantitative analyses of cardiac MRI. This includes quantitative regional wall motion of the right and left ventricle, quantitative flow measurements as well as qualitative / semi-quantitative first pass perfusion stress analysis and quantitative late enhancements analysis.

By using an independent software (mostly products by medis®) the CoreLabCard can analyze data from any vendor that can provide DICOM datasets.



The CoreLabCard is online between 8 am and 6 pm CET during the week. A fast-track analysis is available 24h a day to provide you with sufficient information to decide whether a patient meets inclusion criteria based on MRI or CT data.



Reimbursement is based on the extent of service needed and the number of patients that have to be analyzed. Please contact us for an offer tailored to your specific needs:



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