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Before your studies start and during your first year IsiEmhh is supporting you with several different modules:


Intercultural language and integration training for all first-year-students with a foreign language background before the official studies start.

Topics of the lanaguage and integration training are:

  • Communicaion
  • Culture
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict management


Subject-related tutoring before your studies start and during the semester each week.

Topics of the tutorials are:

  • Giving a review over the subjects of the first year
  • Studying special medical terms and patient specific language
  • Preparation for multiple choice tests, oral and practical exams


Since 2015/2016 we also offer biweekly subject related tutorials for dentistry students.

If you are studying in one of the other study programs at the MHH, we will organize individual tutorials for you. If you are interested in such tutorials let us know.


Training of patient language and technical terms that are used in medicine.



Mentoring program in which students will assist you if you need further help.

There is also an intercultural competence training for socially engaged students in the IsiEmate module, tutors, professors and other staff members of the MHH.