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Why is IsiEmhh so important?




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...for students

Patient oriented and practical

With implementation of the new medical program at MHH the performance requirements for international students have changed. The linguistic competence and the understanding of German culture play an important role compared to the old program. 
Already in the first weeks of studies, the doctors-to-be start with their patient-oriented and practical classes, which aim at communication with the patient. That is how in the first module "Propädeutikum" patients and their complaints will be presented.

The cultural background of the patient is important for the development and interpretation of the disease as well as for the therapy and rehabilitation. That is why good language skills of medical terms and patient specific language for body regions, symptoms and diseases are an important qualification for studying medicine in Germany, especially in Hanover. For students with foreign language background this might make for a rocky start, which for sure can be overcome.


Dentistry students, midwifery scientists, physical and occupational therapists can often find themselves in similar situations because they will also have a lot of patient contact.


Biochemistry and biomedicine students have a practical oriented study program and work in different laboratories right from start. People who work in laboratories of Hannover Medical School oftentimes have an international background. To promote corss-cultural communication, IsiEmhh offers special intercultural trainings.


Having arrived in Germany

More challenges might be the search for a proper apartment, the orientation in Germany and the bureaucratic hurdles for a residence permit.

If needed, we are more than happy to help you with these things.



 ...for the university

International campus

Not only international students at the MHH benefit from the IsiEMHH project - but also the university itself. All students and staff members in teaching positions, the hopsital and research units benefit from a rising internationalization.

Worldwide cooperations and networks shape the MHH, already. Staff members from over 40 nationalities work and study on this Campus.

The international composition of students promotes cross-cultural communication at MHH and supports the overall communication at this university.


„Competition for best talents“

The education of international students is on the one hand important for the knowledge transfer back to their home countries but on the other hand German universities find themselves competing for the best talents.

That is the reason why successful integration of students also gives us the chance to find well-educated doctors and to recruit scientifc talents that stay in Germany after their studies at MHH.