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Project U




Prof. Dr. Thomas Werfel



Department of Dermatology and Allergology



0049-511-9246 276, 0049-511-9246 0




Research focus:

Investigation of the role of T-cells and antigen presenting cells in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory skin diseases, in particular atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis


available project:

Project: Characterization of human dendritic cells in atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis, in particular with regard to expression of anaphylatoxin receptors and responsiveness to anaphylatoxins C3a und C5a


Group members:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Werfel, Principal Investigator Dr. Ralf Gutzmer, Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Miriam Wittmer, Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Kristine Breuer, Postdoctoral Fellow Susanne Mommert, Biologist Brigitta Köther, Biologist Tanja Stünkel, Technician Viola Kohlrautz, Technician



Cell culture, flowcytometry, immunomagnetic cell separation, preparation of T cell lines and clones from peripheral blood and skin, real time LightCycler PCR, proliferation assays, ELISA, Western Blot


Key References:

Gutzmer R, Langer K, Lisewski M, Mommert S, Kapp A, Werfel T: Expression and function of histamine receptors 1 and 2 on human monocyte derived dendritic cells. J. Allergy Clin. Immunol, in press


Gutzmer R, Mommert S, Kiehl P, Wittmann M, Kapp A, Werfel T: Detection of clonal T-cell receptor ? gene rearrangements in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma by LightCycler-PCR. J Invest Dermatol 116: 926-932 (2001)


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Werfel T, Zwirner J, Oppermann M, Sieber A, Begemann G, Drommer W, Kapp A, Götze O: CD88 antibodies specifically bind to C5aR on dermal CD117+ and CD14+ cells and react with a desmosomal antigen in human skin. J Immunol 157: 1729-1735 (1996)


Werfel T, Hentschel M, Kapp A, Renz H: Dichotomy of blood- and skin-derived IL-4 producing allergen-specific T-cells and restricted V beta repertoire in nickel-mediated contact dermatitis. J Immunol 158: 2500-5 (1997)


Werfel T, Kirchhoff K, Wittmann M, Begemann G, Kapp A, Heidenreich F, Götze O, Zwirner J: Activated human T lymphocytes express a functional C3a receptor. J Immunol 165: 6599-6605 (2000)


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Wittmann M, Kienlin P, Mommert S, Kapp A, Werfel T: Suppression of IL-12 production by sCD40L-evidence for involvement of the p44/42 MAPK pathway. J Immunol. in press

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