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Project F

Project F




Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Haller



Department of Nephrology



0049-511-532 6319




Research focus:

Mechanisms of Signal Transduction - Role of Lipids Rafts We have recently generated a Knock-out-Mouse for Caveolin-1 and -2. These mice lack caveolae inall cell types of the body. They are born without any problems and display a different interesting phenotypes. We now want to analyze the role of caveolei in the kidney. From our preliminary observations these mice develop focal sclerosis and proteinuria. The hypothesis is that caveolae are important for gene expression in podocytes and endothelial cells. We want to analyze the underlying signal transduction and test the hypothesis that the wnt-signalling pathway is affected by the lack of caveolae.



Slit membranes and proteinuria

Blood brain barrier in hypertension

Signal transduction and cell migration



In vivo: Immunohistochemistry, electromicroscopy, in-situ hybridisation

In vitro: Confocal microscopy, immunoprecipitation, differential display, micro array techniques


Group members:

Faikah Abou-Rebyeh

Rong Song

Carsten Lindschau

Jan Menne

Torsten Kirsch

Inna Dumler

Harald Mischak

Andrea Lippoldt


Key References:

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