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Ring out the old, ring in the new…. The end of a great IsieMHH year 2016!


The athmosphere at the last „Stammtisch“- gathering this year was very familiar. After one year the group has grown together tightly. There is a lot of talking and laughter at the table and of course a super tasty dish of turkish food in the middle. We would love to thank our international students for a lovely time and a wonderful experience with them! Also we are very excited to welcome the new international students into the IsiEMHH-family, who are starting their studies in October 2016.   We wish our students the best of luck for their next Anatomy exam and most importantly a great time in the next years at the MHH!

Become part oft the team, become an IsieMATE

You are interested in culture diversity and new countries, you want to meet people from all over the world? Become a guide for our international students who are beginning their studies at the MHH in October.  

Interested? Join us for our info-evening on the 30.06 at 18:00 in Asta or write to us on our email:
your name and your semester, so we can add to our list for to updates and the latest news. We are are looking forward to  your mails and the next year together,

your IsiEMHH-Team

Studentenwerkpreis 2016!


We are more than happy to inform you that the IsieMHH- team was awarded the prize for social commitment 2016 from the Hannover „Studentenwerk“For her excellent work and  distinguished commitment for the IsiEMHH Programme, Kira Weyer received the prize in the category „international students“.The award ist endowed with 500€. Congratiolations Kira and thank you for all you have done!

IsiEMHH and IPPNW at the Malteser Migranten Medizin


On the 31.05. the teams from IsiEMHH and IPPNW visited the „Malteser Migranten Medizin“ in order to deliver the Donation of 455€ that were collected from the discussion, exchange and fundraising- event "Migration und Medizin". It was inspiring to see the great medical work the Malteser are doing for people in need. We hope to continue this great collaboration in an elective subject about cultural competence in medicine. We thank the Malteser Migrant Medicine for having us and making it such an interesting visit!

Intercultural IsiEMHH Volleyball Tournament!

Congratulations to the winners from the 3rd. IsiEMHH-Volleyball Tournament: "Schröder mach die Fluppe aus!" -what a thrilling final!
In the finest  summer weather, with great house- beats from djAcki and dilicious grill and salad buffet joined more than 20 Teams together in order to compete for  the winning title of  the IsiEMHH Volleyball tournament 2016. It was a very close field, but after hard battles and thrilling  rallies  the winner oft the tournament were nominated: Team "unkaputtbar" was able to win the 3rd palce, "3 Engel für Nati" 2nd. place and "Schröder mach die Fluppe aus" the 1st place! The best-dressed award went to "Aufsmaullye", especially for wearing a wig in 25 C° warm weather! The best-Name award went to team "Beach bang theory" after a tough discussion among the judges, who also considered "2gay2play2day" as a possible winner.

Thanks to everyone who joined and enjoyed our festival! We are arleady excited about next year with alot of suprises!

your IsiEMHH-Team

3rd. IsieMHH Summer Festival!


A very warm invitation to our next IsieMHH Summer Festival in May! For the athletes among you, the dancers and the fans of the best barbecue all year, take a note:The third IsieMHH-Volleyball tournament is coming up. It will be played in teams of 4 players.Prizes will go to the best Team, best-dressed Award and to the best-name Award! The IsiEMHH team will be having the annual barbecue and  Flunky ball and Wikinger-Schach will be played supported from the most chilled summer music by DJAcki and Määh! register your team in the following website: Save the date: 27.05.2016 at 15:00 Place: Volleyball Fields at the MHH



First impressions

from left to right: Dr. A. Jablonka, Dr. C. Goesmann, Dr. T. Wernstedt, IsiEMHH-Leiterin Kira, Moderator: Florian Grawan, IPPNW-Leiterin Ina


Thanks to all our guests for an exciting discussion, impressive vernissage und delicious falafel rolls! We were able to collect alot of donation for the refugee- medicine, we don’t want to spoil the surprise about exactly how much we were able to collect, but we can say how happy we are!

Who ever would enjoy planning our next events is very welcome to our meetings, every 2. thursday in Asta or Wohnzimmer. Following events are planned: a cooking duell and the anual Volleyball Tournament on the 27.05., a warm invitation!

"Migration und Medizin" panel discussion and vernissage


On the 10th Mai the groups Studikunst, IsiEMHH and IPPNW are inviting the university to get together and discuss about the topic of migration, refugees and medicine.

17 Uhr - Vernissage „Fluchtlinien- flüchtige Linien”
The Exhibition shows base movements and roads from sudanian refugees as potraits and their stories.
The exhibition will be opened with a Speech from M. M. Saeed. A sudanese activist, who is advocating political change the rights of refugees. He ist he former speaker of the political protest camp at the Weißekreutzplatz.
Snacks like Falafel rolls will be sold for fundraising purposes.

18 Uhr – Panel Discussion about the medical care for refugees
„Flüchtlingsmedizin-Über die Konsequenzen von Migration für medizinische Lehre und Versorgung”

Guests: Dr. C. Goesmann (Vorstandsvorsitzende der Bezirksstelle Hannover der niedersächsichen Ärztekammer),
Dr. T. Wernstedt (Abgeordnete im niedersächsischen Landtag für die SPD),
Dr. A. Jablonka (Ärztin, Malteser Migrantenmedizin)

IsiEMHH- Elective Exchange:


You are planning to do an elective, practical, or erasmus semester  abroad?
You have questions about the country and the people, the culture, the perfect gift for your hosts, or just looking for someone who could read and correct your application? The step to go abroad  is done by many international students, who come to us to the MHH every year from around the world! you could just ask them about their home country and the health system there. Students from the countries that are listed below, are part of our campus. We would love to set  you both in contact. All you have to do is to write us an email:

Albania, China, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Libanon, Mazedonia, Palestine, Russia, Saudi- Arabia, Spain

Information event on social commitment

On the 3rd of Mai the IsiEMHH-team took part in an information event about social commitment of students. The event was initiated by the Bvmd Group.
The fair was opened by Prof. Just and his speech about the diversity and importance of social commitment. At the isiemhh information desk, the guests had the the chance to get information about our programme, the isiemhh team and of course about our next events:

Panel discussion: "Migration und Medizin"
Date: 10.05.2016 , 17:00
Place: Wohnzimmer and lecture auditorium D

The 3. Volleyball tournament
Date: 27.05.2016 , 15:00
Place: Volleyball fields of the MHH
Register with your teams:

Intercultural film-project: Shooting Bokkie


on the 25.02.2016 was the intercultural film at south africa as a Guest.
a discourse preview and a presentation of the violance in the media und history in south africa ensured alot of discussions and exchange of opinions. Africans food and music were arranged in the background.

Alot of thanks goes to campus-life and Szenennächte for the support!



Workshop Day: Project managment


on the 21.02.2016 met the Project Team to discuss and improve tasks and goals of the year 2016. The programm stays diversed, international and intercultural.

so much to tell at the begin of this year!

Monatlicher Stammtisch im Februar 2016

Am 18.02.2016 trafen sich die internationalen Erstsemesterstudierenden des IsiEmhh-Programms mit ihren Lotsen, Tutoren und allen Projektgruppenteilnehmern im Restaurant Masa.
Neben feiner afghanischer Küche, gab es viel Zeit zum lockeren Plausch. Es wurden Studientipps ausgetauscht, sich über die neuen Aktionen der Projektgruppe informiert und viel gelacht.
Es war ein toller Abend. Vielen Dank allen Teilnehmenden.



Der erste Länderabend: Frankreich!

im neuen Jahr hat das IsieMHH-Team seine Veranstaltungen mit einem neuen Projekt, der Länderabend!

an diesem Abend können internationale StudentenInn ihre Länder vorstellen mit verschiedenen Aktionen und Veranstaltungen.
am 27.1 hat der erfolgreiche Länderabend Frankreich mit knapp 70 StudentenInn stattgefunden und hat ein sehr buntes Programm aus Musik, Fotos, ein Quiz, einen Überraschungsfilm und v.a. Berichte über Auslandserfahrungen. Für kulinarische Erlebnisse has das IsieMHH-Team frische nach orignalem Rezept gemachte Crêpes-Variationen und einen original französischen Wein gesorgt.



Stammtisch (regulars table) in November 2015


We had an awsome night with the project group, the student tutors, the first semester students and the mentoring students while talking, playing pool and snacking. Thank you!




The IsiEmhh-Team at the charity running event of the Charity Week 2015!


Many thanks go out to our sponsors and supporters especially Prof. Dr. Gutenbrunner.

Schildkrötenwut was shown as kick-off of the new intercultural movie project!


Full house!

During our kick-off of the intercultural movie project within the Charity Week we were able to collect mor than 700€ for orphan projects worldwide.

Intercultural movie project


On Wednesday the IsiEmhh-intercultural movie project 2015/2016 will start with the opening movie "Schildkrötenwut" made by Pary El-Qalqili, Filmhochschule Munich. From 5pm on we will sell Falafel and Popcorn. All Money will be donated to a project of the Chartiy Week which supports orphans worldwide. The movie will start at 6pm.


The movie night is a cooperation in the framework of the Charity Week Germany. Further Information regarding the Charity Week can be found here:

The IsiEmhh Intercultural week starts!


Monday, 5th October 2015 the annual IsiEmhh Intercultural week will start. We are looking forward to seeing you and hope that we will have a lot of fun during this week. Have a great start into your studies!

Volleyball tournament 2015


We hope that you had a lot of fun during our second Volleyball tournament and that it will turn out even bigger in the next year. We are already looking Forward to seeing you next year!

The action week at the MHH


we want to thank our contributors for this great discussion on Tuesday during the action week Aktionswoche gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Rassismus an der MHH (from right to left): Kai Jannsen, Diploma in social pedagogy; Felix Benneckenstein, journalist and droupout of the right wink scene in Germany; our hosts Prof.Dr. Gutenbrunner und Gökhan Özdemir; Hatice Durmaz, council of muslim students and graduate in Germany; Dr. Bärbel Miemietz, gender und diversity project at the MHH und Florian Grawan, diversitAS und Bildung PRO Demokratie.






On Friday we presented our project during a small fair.

Upcoming events in the next weeks:


Monthly Stammtische (Regulars tables)


We gathered after a hard week with many exams and had food and drinks, played pool and table Soccer.

Trip to a German Christmas market


Get to know German rites:  Trip to a German Christmas market!

International cooking event

At the end of the IsiEmhh week mentoring students,

student tutors and first semester students 

always gather for a collective cooking event.



One year has passed so fast. It time again for our anual IsiEmhh intercultural week. We are welcoming all new first semesters who start their studies at the MHH!

This year we created a special program for you and you will get to know 27 other new students who start studying at the MHH.


Visit of the ballet "Alice in wonderland"


Two students from the IsiEmed project accepted the invitation from the International Office of the MHH and went to the ballet "Alice in wonderland" on 17th January, 2013 and were able to see the beautiful opera house from the inside. Jessica says: "The ballet was so beautiful and it was worth it."

The IsiEmed team wants to thank the International Office for the invitation. We hope, that our collaboration is going to be successful in the future as well and we hope to host several more events together.

Inhalt_Sprach und Integrationstraining

SprinT – Language and intercultural training 2012/2013

One week before the regular studies start IsiEmed started its kick-off week for international and German students who start their first year in 2012/2013. 14 People from 8 different countries took part. One participant said in the feedback round at the end: "First I was afraid starting to study medicine but now I only have a Little bit of fear left in me." 

The international students are first welcomed by the mentoring students, who help them during their first weeks in Germany. Mentoring students are students from higher semesters who assist international students regarding housing issues, financial issues or just show them the city.  

 The intercultural week started with a intercultural training during which the students had to explain each other a drawing which the other Person could not see.



The international students of the IsiEmed program during the intercultural training SprinT.

Der Partner sollte nun anhand der Erklärung das Bild nachzeichnen. Es war sehr schwierig und die Teilnehmer haben doch bemerkt, wie präzise man beschreiben muss, wenn zwei das gleiche sehen sollen. Etwas das auch bei der Anamnese später wichtig sein wird. In den folgenden Tagen haben sich die einzelnen Dozenten der Fächer und der Propädeutikumswochen des ersten Jahres vorgestellt und nachmittags wurden die Inhalte des Vormittags vertieft und in Gruppenarbeit Vokabeln gegenseitig erklärt.

Den Erstsemestern hat besonders gut ein Besuch im Skillslab gefallen. Hier durften sie sich gegenseitig Blut abnehmen und schon einmal EKG schreiben üben. „Die erste Hürde ist genommen und ich bin jetzt wirklich Medizinstudentin “, sagte eine Teilnehmerin, nachdem sie zum ersten Mal in ihrem Leben jemanden Blut abnehmen durfte. Nächstes Jahr soll dieser Besuch mit einem neuen Jahrgang auf jeden Fall wiederholt werden, da dies ein echter Motivationsschub ist.


Am Dienstag der regulären Erstiwoche fand wieder der jährliche Studentenwerksempfang für die neuen Studienanfänger an der MHH statt. Mit einem Stand vertreten war dieses Jahr auch IsiEmed.

Die studentischen Tutoren hatten sich entschieden von den 1500€ Preisgeld, das sie beim Erhalt des Studentenwerkpreises 2012 erhalten hatten, unter anderem Nachtisch für alle Erstsemester bereit zu stellen. Die Nachtischaktion sollte der verstärkten Aufmerksamkeit des Projektes dienen.
IsiEmed war den gesamten Abend mit einem Stand vertreten und bei Fruchttiramisu wurden auch diverse Fragen zum Programm gestellt und beantwortet. „Wir erhoffen uns dadurch vermehrte Aufmerksamkeit auch bei den deutschen Studierenden für das Programm zu wecken, sodass Integration an der Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover zur Selbstverständlichkeit wird.“, so Henrike Schulze, eine der IsiEmed  Tutoren.




Die IsiEmed-Tutoren Abubakar, Matthias und Henrike (v.l.n.r) bei der Ausgabe des Nachtischs in der Erstiwoche



Im IsiEmed Programm geht es nun mit IsiEhelp weiter, einem fachlichen, auf den Modellstudiengang Medizin Hannibal bezogenen Tutorium, das nun wöchentlich stattfindet.

Studentenwerkspreis 2012



Über den Studentenwerkspreis 2012 für soziales Engagement im Hochschulbereich durften sich die sieben Tutorinnen und Tutoren des Programms IsiEmed freuen. 

Den Scheck über 1.500 Euro erhielten die Medizinstudierenden der MHH bei der feierlichen Verleihung des Preises am 14. Juni 2012 von Festredner Professor Dr. Erich Barke, dem Präsidenten der Leibniz Universität Hannover.
Die Tutoren, die zum Teil selbst ausländische Wurzeln haben, betreuen Erstsemester mit fremdsprachigem Hintergrund gezielt im ersten Jahr des Modellstudiengangs Medizin, HannibaL. In Fachtutorien vermitteln sie den Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern des Programms IsiEmed Inhalte aus dem Medizinstudium und stehen ihnen bei allen Fragen rund um den Studienalltag zur Seite. Mit dem Preisgeld möchten die Tutoren ein interkulturelles Fest auf dem MHH-Campus organisieren.




MHH-Präsident Professor Bitter-Suermann (rechts außen), Studiendekan Professor Just (links außen), IsiEmed-Leiter Professor Gutenbrunner (dritter von links oben) und Dr. Kabuss, Dozent im Programm (dritter von rechts oben) feiern mit den IsiEmed-Tutoren (von links, oben: Henrike Schulze, Elisa Harms, Abubakar Anzorov und Katharina Leni; von links, unten: Matthias Fett, Waseem Masalha und Loujin Almasri) den Studentenwerkspreis 2012.