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Project I

Project I




Prof. Dr. med. H. Kreipe/Dr. med. M. Mengel



Institute of Pathology



0049-511-532-4500 or



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Research focus:

Tranplantation medicine is a main focus of research at the Medical School in Hannover. Within the framework of one of the largest clinical pathologic biopsy programs the mechanisms involved in chronic allgraft failure will be investigated in detail.



The transplant research group in the Institute of Pathology is working with quantitative RNA-analysis in laser microdessected specimens. Furthermore, immunohistochemical detection of corresponding gene products in allograft biopsies is supporting morphological and molecularbiological findings.


Key References:

Lehmann U, Glöckner S, Kleeberger W, Feist H, von Wasielewski R, Kreipe H (2000). Detection of gene amplification in archival breast cancer specimens by laser-assisted microdissection and quantitative real-time PCR. Am J Pathol 156, 1855-1864


Lehmann U, Hasemeier B, Lilischkis R, Kreipe H (2001). Quantitative analysis promotor hypermethylation in laser-microdissected archival

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