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Year 2001

Year 2001

  1. Abdul Wahid Ansari INDIA
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Heiken, Clinical Immunology, OE 6830,
    project: Chemokines and chemokine receptors on NK-cells in HiV

    Final exam November 2005; Postdoc at Imperial College, London, UK; from 2010 Pediatric Pneumology MHH, from 2011 Singapore Immunology Network, Immunos, Biopolis Singapore, from 2013 University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

  2. Ferdinand Bahlmann GERMANY (Dr. med.)
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Haller, Dept. Nephrology, OE 6840,
    project: Regulators of endothelial progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation

    Final exam November 12th, 2004; Senior House officer Dept. of Nephrology and work in spin-off company Epoplus GmbH, Hannover,
    M.Sc.P.M. Duisburg; Research coordinator, Medical Clinics IV, University Clinics, Homburg/Saar and Red Flag Diagnostics, Homburg; from 2014 self employed, Bahlmann Life Science Consulting & Interim Management

  3. Asha Balakrishnan INDIA
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Schlegelberger, Cell- and Molecular Pathology, OE 5120,
    project: Characterization of Molecular and Biological Risk Factors in Mantle Cell Lymphomas Further delineation of tumor suppressor regions on chromosome 1 p22

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. Currently Postdoc at Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (IRCC), Turin, Italy
    married to Amar Deep Sharma (year 2002) in 2007; from 2007 UCSF San Francisco USA (with Amar Deep Sharma); from 2013 Gastroenterology, MHH (Junior Group leader)

  4. Christian Bernreuther GERMANY (Dr. med.)
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Grothe, Dept. Neuroanatomy,
    project: Regenerative potential of embryonic stem cells expressing the neural cell adhesion molecule L1 in different injury models of the CNS.

    Final exam November 12th, 2004; Consultant at Neuropathology, University Clinics Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany, Habilitation

  5. Frank Bollig GERMANY (Dr. med.)
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Holtmann, Pharmacology, OE 5320,
    project: Interaktionen bestimmter Bereiche der mRNA (cis-Elemente) mit regulatorischen Proteinen.

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. Postdoc Institute for Molecular Biotechnology, Jena, Germany; from 2009 Clinical Chemistry MHH; from 2010 Nephrology MHH, from 2013 Limbach Laboratory, Hannover; from 2014 Hameln Laboratory Hildesheim

  6. Marc-Hendrik Dahlke GERMANY (Dr. med.)
    Prof. Dr. Schlitt, Clinic f. Visceral- and Transplantation Surgery
    project: Transdifferentiation and proliferation of hematopoetic stem cells in the liver; a CD45 diallelic model in rats

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. Senior House Officer in Regensburg, Germany; 1 year Sydney, AUS; Visceral Surgery Regensburg, (Habilitation), “Oberarzt” (senior physician); in between 2009-2010 International Surgical Oncology Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, USA; now Professor of surgery, University Medical Center Regensburg 

  7. Meta Djojosubroto INDONESIA
    supervisor: Dr. Rudolph/Dept. Gastroenterology and Hepatology, OE 6810,
    project: The role of telomere shortening and telomerase activity in hepatocarcinogenesis

    Final exam November 2005. Postdoc at Gene Therapy & Stem Cell Biology, Jules Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland, from 2013 babypause

  8. Julia Freise GERMANY
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zeidler, Dept. Rheumatology, OE 6850,
    project: Viability and gene expression of Chlamydia trachomatis during persistent infection. A study to establish new therapeutic pathways and a better understanding of the pathogenesis of reactive arthritis

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. Postdoc and Senior House Officer at Rheumatology, since Oct. 2006 Consultant at Pneumology, MHH

  9. Christoph Happel GERMANY (Dr med.)
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Klein, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, OE 6781,
    project: Evaluating the opportunities of homologous recombination events in hematopoietic stem cells

    Final exam June 2006; Consultant, Pediatrics (Cardiology), MHH

  10. Vladka Jakubcakova SLOVAKIA
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Eichele, Max Planck Institute, Experimental Endocrinology, Feodor-Lynen-Str. 7, 30625 Hannover,
    project: Regulatory mechanism of mammalian circadian clock genes

    Final exam June 2006; Postdoc at Max-Planck Göttingen, Germany; from August 2007 Postdoc MPI Psychiatry Munich; from 10/2012 Neuroscience-Sleep-Chronobiology, Montreal, Canada; from 2016 Quality Assurance Expert, Takeda, Konstanz

  11. Yijiang Li CHINA
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Haverich/Dr. Simon, THG-Surgery, OE 6286,
    project: Suppression of MHC-Class II molecule up-regulation by HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in an allogeneic model of rat lung transplantation

    Final exam June 2006; Senior House Officer, THG-Surgery, MHH; from 2016 Chief Surgeon and Director of Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Shenhen Hospital of Southern Medical University, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 

  12. Jianyun Liu CHINA
    supervisor: Dr. M. Jäger/Prof. Dr. Schlitt, Clinic f. Visceral- und Transplantation Surgery, OE 6220
    project: Transduction of hematopoietic stem cells with MHC class II molecules to induce tolerance

    Final exam November, 2005; Postdoc and Senior House Officer in China

  13. Tom Luedde GERMANY (Dr. med.) 
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Trautwein, Dept. Gastroenterology and Hepatology, OE 6810, 
    project: Regulation of cell cycle and apoptosis in the liver

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. Postdoc at EMBL in Monterotondo/Rome, Italy; from 2007 University Hospital Aachen; Habilitation and Senior physician (Oberarzt); from 2014 W3-Mildred-Scheel-Foundation professor

  14. Ebru Serinzös TURKEY (Dr. med.)
    Prof. Dr. Kreipe, Pathology, OE 5110,
    project: Quantitative analysis of gene expression in different mechanisms of early allograft damage after renal transplantation

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. mother; Associate professor of Pathology, Mersin, Turkey; from December 2014 Fellowship at Hemapathology, University of Tübingen

  15. Frank Tacke GERMANY
    supervisor: Prof. Dr. Trautwein, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, OE 6810,
    project: Influence of mutations in the Hepatitis B virus genome on virus replication and drug resistance

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. 2-year Postdoc in
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Cell and Gene Medicine, NY, USA; Leading senior physician (Oberarzt) Medical Clinics III, Aachen, Germany (Habilitation), from 2013 W2 professor

  16. Mathewos Tessema ETHIOPIA (Dr. vet.)
    Dr. Lehmann/Prof. Dr. Kreipe, Dept. Pathology, OE 5110,
    Aberrant gene methylation in myelodysplastic syndromes

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. Postdoc in
    Department of Pathology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA; from 2010 associate scientist at Lovelace Respiritory Research Center, Albuquerque, USA and adjunct assistant professor, department of Internal Medicine

  17. Sonja Werwitzke GERMANY
    Prof. Dr. Schmidt, Clinical Immunology, OE 6830,
    project: Interaction of immune complexes and immunoglobulin Fc receptors in murine lupus erythematosus

    Final exam November 12th, 2004. Senior House officer in Haematology and Oncology MHH